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I’m in the Spotlight on Sunday

Hi Folks,

Do you remember me telling you about a fantastic FB Group I belong to called We Love Memoirs? It was put together by two British authors living here in Spain in order to introduce people who enjoy reading memoirs to authors who write them. It is truly the friendliest group on FB.

Well, next Sunday, 12 June,  I am going to be in the hot seat on a weekly slot they call Spotlight Sunday, where any WLM members can ask me questions about ANYTHING. I must confess that I have done it before and it was great fun, but with the release of More Into Africa they want to put me on the stand again for the benefit of members who have joined more recently.

If you’d like to participate in this crazy question/answer session or even just read what others have asked, and see my answers, all you need to do is join WLM.

You can visit the page yourself and apply, or post post a message on my Facebook and I’ll put your name forward.  Here are the links either way.




Well you asked for it –  THE PHOTOGRAPH!

To save the grey cells from having to make tortuous guesses at what my three little angels looked like way back in 1980 I have decided to come clean.  Or to be more precise, to have them come clean as they were in the paddling pool at the time.

However, not to make things too easy for you, you must figure out for yourself which one is which.


Barely 3 splodged.jpeg