An Extreme Haircut

I'm not new to cutting hair. I've been cutting my husband's hair for the past 45 years. I used to cut the kids' hair too, when they were young. and the lad's too even as they got older, as long as they didn't want anything fancy. Which nicely leads me onto... We have been in … Continue reading An Extreme Haircut


Back in my South Africa lifetime, the day arrived when the doc uttered those dreaded words, “Ann, you have to give up drinking alcohol.” “Oh!” “Yes.  If you don’t, you will die.  And soon.” Well that was squarely to the point, so after going straight to the pub for a consolatory drink, the very next … Continue reading THE PETIT FOUR ENCOUNTER

Black Friday (or how to empty a septic tank)

So yesterday wasn’t Black Friday for me, it was Frenetic Phone-call Friday.  I received more calls that morning than I normally get in a week! It started at 08:25 when Brad phoned me, though I suppose I’d better give you a bit of background first. Our septic tank needed emptying.  Now I bet that encourages … Continue reading Black Friday (or how to empty a septic tank)


I’ve always thought I was pretty good with colours.   I mean, I know the difference between lilac and purple, red and maroon, green and blue obviously, as well as black and brown.  And I definitely know the difference between grey and blonde.   I just needed to make this perfectly clear before I continue. I was … Continue reading FOR SKIN AS SOFT AS A BABY’S…?