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A long time ago Ann Patras was born in Burton Upon Trent, England.   Actually that’s a lie.  Ann Johnson was born, but she married a weirdo named Ziggy and became Ann Patras in the mid 1970’s.   She was quite normal until she married him, or that’s what she’d have you think.  At one point she actually went to live in Canada to get away from him but he dragged her back by the hair (well, maybe a slight exaggeration) to England to marry her. Then, after the rather rapid arrival of three kids he hauled her off, kicking and screaming, to Africa!  Well that’s a lie too really, as she was quite keen to take on that adventure.

Apart from strange sounding men and three wild children she also loves dogs and horses.  (Absolutely nothing should be read into the fact that all of the dogs have been named with an alcoholic theme). She wears garish-coloured nail polish, sings along to loud music when she’s driving and likes to live in sunny places which might account for why, what started out as a two-year contract in Zambia, resulted in her living in Africa for 31 years.

The onset of those 31 years came with some surprises.  She didn’t know anything about the place they were moving to (1980 was light years before the internet), if she had known she might not have agreed to go.   Within days of arrival in Zambia she was horrified to find they didn’t have English-type pubs, toilet rolls were an endangered species, ants were the size of small cats and there was a fly whose larvae ate you from the inside out if you didn’t iron all your laundry.  Yes, even socks!

Because of all these oddities, as well as various strange, scary and hilarious things which happened to the family, she wrote scores of letters home to relatives and friends who all thought it was so crazy she must be making it up.

Maintaining the sunshine theme she now lives in Spain, with the same weird-sounding husband and writes books about all their crazy experiences.

So far she has penned Into Africa with 3 kids, 13 crates and a husband, which covers the first year of their crazy life in Zambia, as well as the sequel, More Into Africa with 3 kids, some dogs and a husband, covering the next three years.  The final in the author’s Zambian Triology, Much More Into Africa with kids, dogs, horses and a husband,  was released in January 2020.  This guides the reader through the family’s final years living in Lusaka  (and out of it and back in again) .

She reckons there are still plenty more books to come, about their lives in South Africa, and possibly even as far back as Canada, if she dare!

And of course, the madness didn’t stop just because they moved to Spain, oh dear me, no!

13 thoughts on “About Ann

  1. Well done Ann – Great blog. Laugh out loud moments over the “middles” buying experience. Your writing style is conversational, easy to read and written with humour. Looking forward to the book now.

  2. Loved your first book Into Africa and now I want to buy the other books in your Africa series preferably on Kindle or in hard copy. Where can I order them?

    • I am delighted to hear that you enjoyed Into Africa, Jan. It is the first in my Africa Series and I am sorry to admit that the second is still in the process of being written. I do anticipate that there will definitely be three, most likely four and possibly even more to follow in the Africa Series. But I beg your patience.
      I will keep a note of your email address and make sure you are informed as soon as I have a release date. In the meantime perhaps you’d like to be friends on my Africa Series FB Page too. I do occasionally write bits on there – though not as often as I should I’m afraid. And you could also hit the FOLLOW button on here.
      For the benefit of my readers who bought my book on Kindle I plan to put all the illustrations on here soon. There were a lot more included in the paperback than in the Kindle version.
      Thank you for taking the time to make your comment. Feedback from readers, as well as reviews placed on Amazon, are always greatly appreciated by authors – especially me. 🙂

      Cheers, Ann

      • PS Jan,
        Did you manage to find your way around the different articles on this blog okay? I recently revamped it and need to know that it is comprehensible to the readers. 🙂

      • I’m wonderful Sweetie, how are you>? Sorry long time no see properly. And that’s unlikely to improve soon either as we have three batches of visitors this month – all overlapping each other – starting tomorrow morning. At the moment I ought to be making up their bed instead of farting around on my laptop. 🙂
        Keep Happy. 😀

    • Hi Jan, I would just looking through my website for something and came across your comment above. I wondered if you had since discovered that there are now TWO more books in the series. You’ll find the links to them in here, click on Buy the Books. 🙂

  3. Hello Anne, so pleased to have come across your blog. I lived in Zambia in the 80’s in Ndola. We had some wonderful times – finding our way around the shortages and making an art of water purification! Will look forward to following you and getting around to reading your books.

  4. Loved loved loved your three books! So terribly funny and so true. My family lived in Lagos, Nigeria during the 80’s and 90’s and your African adventures were so applicable to Nigeria. Do so hope you will write about your life in South Africa!
    A devoted fan and admirer,
    Debra Relave

    • Debra, you have made my day/week/year! Thank you so much for your kind comments and I am thrilled to bits that you enjoyed books so much. I am only slowly getting Into South Africa, but comments like yours will make me shift my arse and get on with it. Please feel free to send me nagging emails. 🙂

    • Hi Debra. me again. Leon and I are trying to do some marketing, and are emailing some readers to ask how they discovered my books. Obviously, I don’t have an email address for you. If you’d be happy to answer a couple of questions, could you perhaps drop me a line sometime? My email is annpatras.author@gmail.com
      Thanks a ton.

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