“AFRICA?  Why on earth did you go to live in Africa?”

Well I didn’t wake up one morning and say, “Hey, I think I’ll go and live in Africa.”  In fact I can say in all honesty that I probably didn’t give Africa a moment’s thought, other than maybe to think “That’s where we get bananas from” (wrong) or “That’s where lions live” (right).  I’m not saying that you don’t get bananas in Africa, just that they don’t come only from there.  What am I saying?  This blog is not here for us to debate the origins of bananas!

“Then why is this blog here?” I hear you say.

That is a very good question.  I’m glad you asked.

I could say it is here to promote the sales of my first book Into Africa: with 3 Kids, 13 Crates and a Husband and the sequel More Into Africa: with  3 Kids, some Dogs and a Husband and that would, to a point, be true.  I might also tell you that it will be followed by even more books about the various crazy things the Patras family got up to in Africa and that would be no lie either. (Africa Series)

But the real reason for this blog is so that you can get to know more about the crazy person who was bonkers enough to go Into Africa in the first place, and then go on to write books about it.

9 thoughts on “ABOUT THE BLOG

  1. Hi there Ann (famous author). Another way to get to your blog easily is to stick it on the favorites list. Works for me!

    Your malicious clothing store was a goodie (I think I already told you) More please.

    Irene Hamilton

  2. Just finished the first Africa. Loved it. So much reminded me of my own years as a young mother. Appreciated exploring with the mother and wife focus.

  3. I’m a little late finding your blog but better late than never right?? Loved both the Africa books, I’m hoping there is more to come! I think I read there was and I hope I understood correctly! You have a great writing style, and are so funny! Your books make me wish I was there and friends with you all……I will be watching for more from you!

    • Thank you SO much Karen for your very kind words. I am delighted that you enjoy my ramblings, and don’t worry, there is still SO much more to come. (Note to self: Must Write FASTERrrrrr!)

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