An Extreme Haircut

I’m not new to cutting hair. I’ve been cutting my husband’s hair for the past 45 years. I used to cut the kids’ hair too, when they were young. and the lad’s too even as they got older, as long as they didn’t want anything fancy. Which nicely leads me onto…

We have been in lockdown here in Spain for three weeks now and my son Leon, who stays with us, decided he needed a haircut. He has also been posting silly dancing videos on Facebook to keep his friends amused during these sad and trying times. If you knew Leon, it would come as no surprise to hear that he now wanted to combine the two.

“Mum, I want you to give me a haircut, please. But you must choose your favourite dancing song – preferrably a long one – which I will play while you cut my hair, and the instant the music stops, you stop cutting, regardless of the point the haircut has reached.”

That sounded like a pretty reasonable request to me.
“Do you want it normal or unusual?” I enquired.
“Oh, do something unusual.” he replied.
Bloody idiot should have known better. Ha ha ha haaaaaaaa

So I fetched the haircutting equipment and I knew exactly which song I wanted playing for this spectacular caper.

So here is your lesson in how not to give your 40+ son a haircut, unless yours is as loopy as mine. Ladies watching are recommended to visit the toilet before hitting the play button.

Now, sit back and enjoy – or you might even want to get up and dance!

And if you care to give a donation to ARCH (Andalusia Horse Rescue) who Leon is supporting with this idiocy, there is a facility to do so here –

8 thoughts on “An Extreme Haircut

  1. That was absolutely BRILLIANT thank you for making me laugh out loud!! Being a technophobe how can I share it?
    Loads of love
    Sue xx

    Sent from my iPad

  2. You’re asking ME???
    Right, I’ve asked Leon. There ‘s a button right at the bottom of the post which allows you to SHARE to FB, if that’s what you want to do. Or if not on FB, just forward the email I sent you to whoever you want to share it with. Or copy the link in the email and paste it somewhere else – on the walls, floor, doors, trees, wherever you want. 🙂

  3. Fantastic. As soon as the comb came off I thought ‘Oh oh…’. I am still laughing and I hope it raises a load of financial support for the horses. Ann’s giggle is the best… ❤

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