Life’s been a little hectic around here of late. We can dis-count my nip into A&E after a suspected (but thankfully, not) minor heart attack; and even leave out Ziggy’s minor stroke and subsequent week’s stay in hospital, because they are so old hat, and we’re fine now, thank you.

We can also by-pass my two minor prangs when: a) I reversed lightly into a parked Harley Davidson, knocking it to the ground and breaking off the tip of the brake lever; and b) bumped into a car, which was double parked in the road, as I was reversing out of my mechanic’s workshop.  I’m not even sure that I actually caused damage there, because when we meet up with the owner two days later she was clearly trying to blame me for something that my car definitely could not have done.  My insurance will deal with it anyway so, of those two events too, we can say ‘twas but a scratch!’.

More current was Leon’s little altercation with a Mitsubishi double-cab, as he drove around a blind bend on a road only wide enough for one vehicle.  Meeting head on, both vehicles braked, reasonably timeously, but alas Leon’s car performed a wonderful skid on the roadside gravel, straight into the Mitsu’s bullbar.

Apparently, you would need a magnifying glass to find the scratch on that bullbar, whereas Leon’s car was a little more dented.  I believe it was driveable, but not legally, as the off-side lights were caved-in, along with a substantial amount of the wing.  A call to his insurance saw his car put on a Grua (breakdown flatbed truck) and taken to his preferred panel-beater, which happens to be just at the top of our lane.  This convenient location doesn’t count for much, though, when you have to wait over two weeks for the government assessor to view the damage before repairs can be started.  Luckily he had insurance cover to provide a rental car. 

Vicki has now finished work for the season so arranged to visit us for a couple of days, Tuesday and Wednesday.  We needed to get together on the Tuesday for the Patras pack to do a little singsong, something to do with my new book release.  Which brings me along nicely onto the next item of interest.

I decided I really wanted to try and get it published before Christmas, as I have had many people enquiring after it. It has taken a lot of putting together by various parties and it just so happened that on Monday it went out on pre-release for the Amazon Kindle version, so I had spent a lot of time farting around with that too.   Compared to other stuff, that is incidental.

On Monday evening we had a call to say that, that afternoon Brad had been working at his circular saw bench, and had very cleverly succeeded in cutting off the end of his right thumb.  We commiserated greatly.

Brad got Doné to take him to A&E at a nearby hospital as it was spouting copious amounts of blood.  They strapped it up but couldn’t give him any painkillers, as by the time he was discharged the pharmacy was shut.  So he came around scrounging some painkillers from us.

When they arrived home, walking through the workshop area of their garage, Brad spotted the missing thumb-tip and carefully stored it in plastic, in a box with ice. 

Tuesday saw quite a lot of action.  I dropped Ziggy off at a clinic in the nearby town of Coin, to get an x-ray taken which our doctor had wanted done; Leon had agreed to pick him up from there when he was in the town applying for a Social Security number, as I had arranged to go to a talk by another author (which turned out to be cancelled), before going to collect Vicki from Marbella. 

Brad had spent most of the afternoon at a local clinic trying to ascertain if his thumb-tip could be sewn back on.  He got nowhere, so wasn’t in the best of humour when he arrived at our house.  But we soon cheered him up with our singing.

Wednesday I was able to spend some fun time with Vicki, playing cards and other games, as she coughed along beside me.  I thought it was time she cut down on the smokes.

Leon was busy working on various projects during the day, as well as needing to go to rehearsals for the local pantomime, which he and Brad are ‘starring’ in.  Alas, he received a call from Brad asking for his apologies to be tended, as he was currently in Xanit private hospital in Benalmadina, (on the coast) trying to get his thumb, which still continued to bleed, sorted out.  We were horrified that he had actually driven to the hospital, and sent messages that in the event he did receive any surgery, he must NOT drive the 46km home, but call us for a lift.

By the time we’d reached this point on Wednesday Leon had a call from his insurance company saying they only paid for a hire car for two weeks, with the result that he had to give the car back before going to his rehearsal that night.  We discussed the fun we were going to have trying to share my car.

Before heading in different directions we arranged that on Thursday morning Leon would take my car for all the stuff he’s committed to, which is a helluva lot.

I then had a long chat with Doné and we hatched a plan regarding collecting Brad (and his van) the following day if Leon was done in time; or as back-up to get Brad’s friend Tristan, who lives fairly close to the hospital, to bring Brad home, then on his way back take Doné so she could get the van.

Returning home carless, and having had a pretty long hard day, Leon buggered off to bed at ten (we’re still on Wednesday night here) when twenty minutes later I received a call from Brad.  He said that the surgeon he had eventually managed to see had agreed – then had to convince Brad’s insurance company- that although he couldn’t sew the tip back on, the thumb really did need surgery.   

Brad advised that a nurse had just brought him a pair of blue overalls to wear, as they were going to do it that night.

At about half past midnight Doné got a call from Brad to say he was all sewn up and ready to leave – I won’t tell you what was said to him when he said he’d be okay to drive himself home!

01:15 found Doné and I at the Xanit Clinic in Benalmadina collecting a van and a very chirpy Brad, happy that his digit had finally received appropriate attention, even if it was going to remain shorter than he would have liked.

So you’d say “All’s Well That Ends Well”, wouldn’t you.  Except that ALL ISN’T WELL.  To be more precise, I’M NOT! And nor is this the end.

On Thursday I woke up feeling absolute shit, thanks to my darling daughter, whom I love very dearly, and who kindly managed to pass on to me, her (non-smoker’s) cough and cold.  

Having felt crap all day, I wrote the above diatribe to send to my best pal, Cath, in England, but then the final bomb dropped, which prompted this share on my website.

When I went to post the email to Cath I noticed an email from my publisher in Australia who’d been doing the formal editing of my book.  She referred me to another email which she sent before she went to bed, i.e. first thing in the morning for me.  It was now Thursday night, and after searching all over I found the damned email hiding in my Spam box!  It said how she urgently needed answers to many questions so she could hastily, against her better judgement, finish the editing to meet my deadline, before she goes away for the weekend, 

After reading the list of all that still needed to be done, in the time we had, I made the tough but necessary call (despite having told the masses of its intended release date) to POSTPONE the PRE-CHRISTMAS RELEASE of Much More Into Africa!

So didn’t that just round off my week nicely?

Or NOT!!!  Grrrrrrrrrr

Still, these challenges of life make us stronger, hey? 

One thought on “HAPPY DECEMBER or HERE’S TO THE END OF 2019

  1. Oh Ann, what a catalogue of disasters. Chaos reigns. just be aware that you cannot put a book up for pre-order after a pre-order cancellation for 6 months, but you can publish it without pre-order.

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