UK Photos

These beautiful photographs of Burton on Trent are shared with kind permission of Burtonian photographer, Mac McCree.

The Ferry Bridge crossing the River Trent on a beautiful summer’s day.

The Ferry Bridge with St Peter’s Church in the background.
A beautiful job was done when the brirdge was recently renovated.
The viaduct joins the Ferry Bridge after crossing the Washlands
Our Stapenhill home was just below the skyline left of centre.
Viewing from Stapenhill gardens.
Looking from the Stapenhill side of the Ferry Bridge. I wonder if Mac climbed this tree
Looking towards the Gardens from the Washlands, over the Trent. You can see why the Swan was a symbol of the Gardens.
Leading into Stapenhill Gardens
Stapenhill Gardens
Stapenhill Gardens
The beautiful iconic Swan in Stapenhill Gardens.
Stapenhill’s St Peter’s Church
Roundabout at the end of St Peter’s Bridge.
St Peter’s Bridge roundabout.
Standing on the new St Peter’s Bridge, looking at the Ferry Bridge
The new Trent Bridge – only about 150 years old. East end.
New Trent Bridge (West end)
The Andressey Bridge over a small arm of the Trent, with St Modwen Church in the background. That was the church where Ziggy and I got married.
A different view of St Modwen’ Church taken from inside Burton’s Memorial Grounds.

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