I’ve done it again.

If you look in the drop-down menu of Crazy Ramblings you will see that I described, at quite some length, the degree of my General Stupidity when it came to setting up this blog.

I eventually managed to sort myself out, though dog knows how.  Unfortunately I must have blogged myself out with that because I then didn’t touch it for months, as you will no doubt have realised.

Then, with the rapidly approaching release of my second book, I thought it was time I put a few finishing touches to the trivia about my first book.  You may have noticed that I posted copies of the sketches which appeared in the paperback version of Into Africa.  This was chiefly for the benefit of those who bought the Kindle version of the book, as that edition only contained a few.  It took almost as much effort for me to draw those few miserable sketches  as it did to write the entire book, so I didn’t see why anyone should be denied the pleasure of my exquisite masterpieces.

However, when I posted them in their rightful place, I also made a rather rash promise that I would also add some photographs of the family during that era too.

Last night I decided it was time I honoured that promise, and set to with gusto.

Well, I had gusto to start with, but I’m afraid it rather blew itself out as the daylight hours faded and I still battled on, trying to tart-up faded and jaded photographs using the modern technology offered by Photoshop.  When I came to transfer them to the storage facility which sits in the annals of this blog, I couldn’t find where I had saved the nice, bright, shiny versions on my computer.  But I battled on.

I finally tracked them down and carefully transferred them here, all in chronological order so as not to confuse you, my dear readers, only to find as I checked through the batch, that I had missed one out.  It was one I particularly liked, of my mum with the kids, so I searched it out and added it in.  But it wasn’t in quite the right order.

Despite vigorously searching the help notes on WordPress I could find no way to edit this gallery of fine art.  So I said to myself,

“Ann,” I said “it is now half past one in the morning and you are perhaps no longer at your sharpest, so why don’t you call it a day?”

I went on,

“Have yourself a good night’s sleep then when you’re bright and fresh in the morning (ha, ha, ha) you can look at it with fresh eyes and a clear head.”

Personally I think that was expecting a bit much from me, but I heeded my advice and shut up shop.

So now you’re expecting me to tell you how easy it was for me to sort it all out perfectly and guide you to the right spot to view those Patrases of the past, aren’t you?  TOUGH!   Because I have just spent three quarters of an hour trying to find the bloody Gallery where these photos were saved as a draft and ….  gone!  Zippo.  Zilch.  Zero.  Nil.  Nada. Nix. Naught.  Bugger All !!!  Can I find a Gallery?  Can I thump!

So I shall gently close this laptop, as opposed to throwing it into the pool, and quietly leave the subject until I am of a more relaxed and placid state of mind.    Hrrrmmmm.

Hasta luego.

PS.  In case you haven’t seen them yet, you’ll find the sketches carefully hidden in the Africa Series drop-down menu.








One thought on “I’ve done it again.

  1. It has taken me over a year to discover I could transfer all my pictures at once into the holding at the same time. Up till now I’d done them one at a time – how pathetic can you get – sigh. I’m sure your pics are waiting for Ann ?)

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