This is from my friend Lucinda’s blog. She is a brilliant author.   She has written several books already, three excellent memoirs, and a series of great novels set in Africa.  Another novel is a Highly Politically Incorrect, incredibly funny look at what really goes on in Never-Never Land.   She has a sense of humour wickedly similar to mine.  Need I say more…?  Check her out!

lucinda E Clarke

Just as you think you’ve got a handle on things life smacks you in the face. Last week I was so proud of myself. I wrote my blog in Word on the Sunday to free up my half day ‘me time’ on the Monday. I found all the pictures and popped them into the media box – so now all I had to do was quickly cut and paste and I’d be writing Amie 3.

Now if you are about to ask why I didn’t do the whole thing and then press publish on Monday, well I’ve yet to work that one out. The last time I tried it, it went live immediately.

So, all completed nice and early, pressed publish and then remembered that I’d not added the categories and tags. No problem I thought, I’ll just pop back and edit it. So I did and then I sent…

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  1. Ha ha Ann, anyone would think we had heard of each other? Just because we both lived in SA and now both live in Spain and have red books by … need i say more. Who are you by the way ?

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