General Stupidity

How come that a person, more specifically ME, can ride a bike ride a horse drive a car run a household hold down jobs in brewery admin, shipping and a national art society raise three kids use a screwdriver, drill and a jigsaw oh, and write a book yet I find it near to impossible to set up a blog the way I want it? All I’m asking is for the things I have posted here to sit nicely in the places I want them to be, but I seem to get bogged down telling the difference between posts, pages and categories. I want it to be ‘organised’ like my filing cabinet. No, hang on, I don’t. You haven’t seen the state of my filing cabinet. But I am fighting. Like I said when I got my very first PC twenty-seven years ago “I will not be beaten by an inanimate object”. And whilst continuing the fight, if you have found this little ‘rambling’ it is only by virtue of a miracle, and I don’t think I can take credit for those!

HEY!   HEY!   HEY!

I take all that back.  I’ve done it.  By George, I think I’ve done it.  I’ve managed to group all the bits together which I wanted to.  Now all I have to do is try and remember how I did it, for when I astound you with my next blast of wondrous wordsmanship .   Maybe my next project should be to list all the words I have invented.

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